Are you are searching latest health tips for your school going children. Staying healthy and fit during school days are necessary and also a challenge to some extent. School days are the best part of one`s life and a crucial time when our body witness growth and development whether it is physically mentally or emotionally.

One must surely take care of their child`s nutritional diet, health and wellness during their growth years. While you see your child grow you must give them the right amount of nutrition’s and emotional pampering and make sure that they do a proper workout also. But the thing is that many don’t know what to do during their children’s growth year. Don’t worry we will let you know the latest health and wellness tips for school going children’s which are very important to be checked.

5 latest health tips for school children.


1. Early to Bed, Early to Rise – Early to bed and early to rise makes jack healthy wealthy and wise. The kindergarten poem that explains how one child can stay healthy and wise is very much true to its words. A school going child should follow a strict routine to take a good sleep and wake up early. Make your child sleep early at night around 9:00 pm and wake up at 6:00am. Make this a habit in your child, sleeping early and waking up early morning will keep your child refreshed and active in school. Early morning breeze is quite pleasant and good for health.

2. Eat Fruits and Vegetables – School Children have a bad habit of Ignoring green vegetables and fruits. They require the right amount of nutritional elements such as vitamins, irons, minerals and calcium, etc. School is the best place to develop ones brain and body, with loads of syllabus and extra-curricular activities school students require a lot of mental and physical power to do these tasks. Make your child eat fruits and vegetables of all types and varieties in a regular basis. Pulses are also a good source of protein and must not be neglected. Make them little colorful and tasty so that they don’t refuse your cooked vegetables and fruit salads from next time.

3. Encourage Exercise habits – School going childrens are quite active in doing sports activities and exercises. Encourage them to do so, don’t ever try to spoil their enthusiasm for sports by putting them with loads of homework. Make a fair routine for exercise and playing, studies reveal that playing childrens are more happier than others. A happy and healthy mind helps in body development. Sports and exercise will keep your child healthy and strong not only physically but mentally.


4. Stay Hygienic – Staying hygienic and clean is the most important thing. School childrens are not so hygiene conscious, they are playful and love exploring new things in and around them. Sometimes they forget to wash their hands before eating, make sure you check that. Being parents you must take care that your child washes hand every time before eating. Explain them how to stay hygienic and why to stay hygienic, as you cant keep a eye every time on them especially while they are in School.

5. Make them drink Water – Water is the most important resource for human body. This is the last and yet the most important advice to be followed. Water plays an important role in the development of mind and body . It is also beneficial in our skin healthy and look glowing. Make sure your child drinks 7 – 8 glasses of clean and safe water everyday.

Try to keep a check on these tips while your child goes to school. With these factors also try to groom your childs emotional and mental development. Being parents you must spend some rich quality time with your childrens so that they remain fit and happy every time.

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