Here is the list of Healthy and nutritious food during the rainy season.Monsoon is ready to wet you. Many parts of India has received monsoon in an early phase with winds and thunderstorms making it more gruesome. This year the monsoon will be extending it’s arms to some extra months of the year.

Considered the season of wealth and happiness. Monsoon is the best season for solo travelers who love roaming alone. Who doesn’t want to have a pleasant experience of the rain after the scorching heat of summer. Getting wet in rain is the best part of monsoon but only when you are willing to do so. Although after the enjoyment of getting wet one can surely suffer the pain of getting wet such as common flu, cough and cold. In order to keep yourself safe from all these monsoon disease you need to pay some extra attention to the foods you eat. Well we have already given you precautions on do’s and dont’s of monsoon season, here we suggest you to make some modifications to your food habits. Also read our articles on foods and nutrition during pregnancy.


5 Latest healthy and nutritious food during monsoon.

1. Ginger or masala tea ā€“ Rain brings with itself symptoms of cough and cold. Ginger masala tea can give you instant relief from cough and cold. Ginger is a spice root that has medicinal properties to give relief from cough and cold. Ginger is hot in nature, break some ginger into pieces and boil it with tea if you like add some black pepper, lemon and honey into it and have it everyday. This will keep you away from catching cold and cough in monsoon.

2. Pears – Pears are useful source of immunity, to survive from diseases in monsoon you need to have a better immunity. Pears consists of vitamins and minerals which shield you from diseases boosting your immunity. It also consist of fiber, Vitamin C and B12 as well as copper. Drinking a glass of freshly crushed pear juice or having pear with fruit salad will build your immunity during monsoon.

3. Turmeric – Turmeric also a spice (tamarind root) with medicinal properties is a immunity booster,a natural antiseptic and antibiotic ingredients. Drinking a glass of milk adding with it a teaspoonful of turmeric powder and some honey. It can give you relief of cough and cold and helps keep blood sugar in control. Regular drinking of milk with turmeric powder will surely safeguard you from monsoon illness.

4. Almonds – Almonds and other nuts are a great source of protein and vitamin and essential oils. The nutrients in almonds are beneficial for your health as it enhances your digestive system and keeps body sugar in control. Almonds are crunchy and tasty, eating nuts and almonds will keep you healthier and fit during all season specially monsoon.

5. Water – Water might not sound new to you, you may find water in list of everything that is healthy and essential for human body. Summers have not completely gone away, if it does not rain it is much like to be more sunny during those days and hence greater chances of getting dehydrated. Hence drinking water will balance your body water levels. And is also a immunity and metabolism booster to protect your body from various infectious diseases. Take valid precautions to drink water during monsoon try to boil and drink luke warm water and atleast 4 litres of water daily.


These 5 food habit and ingredients will keep your immunity strong during monsoon and keep you away from cough and cold and other diseases. For more such interesting articles on nutrition and food and foods good in nutrition for children stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletters.