Are you searching latest health tips for monsoon, it’s july and monsoon is eagerly waiting to splash you with rain. Monsoon brings with itself joy and rain but along with various disease. This season of the year all are in the verge of getting affected by viral disease such as cholera, typhoid, diarrhea, Malaria and many other infectious diseases.

For travel freaks monsoon is the best time for travelling because of the weather so bliss and pleasent. Going places in monsoon is not a bad idea but only if you follow these simple latest health and wellness tips. We will surely suggest you to Get going and don’t let fear of disease stop your enthusiasm. Just follow these latest health tips and enjoy the rain.

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5 latest health tips for monsoon

1. Avoid eating out – Eating outside in monsoon is the worst idea. Monsoon is the time when chances are the food being contaminated. While you are out in the market in rain you might love the hot vadas, pakodas, and bhajiyas they might surely water your mouth but stop your cravings for outside foods and instead prepare them at home within an hygienic and healthy environment and with better ingredients.Never eat in any roadside shop where is water clogging or a drain nearby.

2. Drink safe Water – Water is the main source of contamination during monsoon. Many water and air borne disease like diarrhea, cholera, ameobiasis, dysentery etc happen mostly during this time of the year. Avoid drinking water from unsafe sources and wherever you go carry your own bottle of safe drinking water. Even when you are inside your home drink boiled water . Safe and healthy water should be consumed in plenty to avoid such disease.

3. Wash your hands – Don’t laugh washing hands properly before and after you eat have been told to you a 1000 times but do you really follow them. The more you are instructed about something you really don’t follow them at many times. Either willingly or unwillingly we end up eating with contaminated hands. Remember monsoon is the worst time for infectious diseases and if you want be safe from such disease make sure you maintain some hygienic precautions. Washing hands is one of the most important of all of them.

4. Buy fresh, Eat safe – During monsoon fruits and vegetables are found in abundance and variety, depending upon the region. But do you really know that it is the time when most of the fruits and vegetables are either contaminated and unhygienic to eat. Most of the time you many find even pests in them. Never buy fruits and vegetables with cuts and scratches and which look unhealthy from outside, they can be contaminated. Wash fruits and vegetables properly before eating. If you have your own garden try to grow some vegetables.

5. Apply mosquito nets- Malaria is one of the worst disease which follows rains especially in India, and can leave anyone into a situation of complete bed rest for a month or more. Apply mosquito net while sleeping in the night. Mosquito repellents are not always effective in handling mosquitoes, instead nets are a best option. Wear full sleeves clothes during evening if you go for a walk or so in a nearby park.


Try to follow these strictly if you really want to be safe from disease during monsoon. We will be surprising you with some more latest health and wellness tips and latest workout tips for the season of monsoon. Stay tuned for such updates and do subscribe our newsletters. Till then take care and enjoy the monsoon.