All of us go through a phase where we take a good hard look at our body and realize that we have been neglecting it for a very long time. Especially wit the routine that is followed by us nowadays, it is difficult to pay attention to our health and lead a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, here we have compiled a list of the latest health tips for you to implement in your lives to have a healthy mind and body.

Latest health and wellness tips for a healthy diet :

Health and wellness

  1. Caffeine and drinks high in sugar are very harmful to the body during summers. These drinks include sugars that carry very harmful calories, and of course they carry preservatives which are anyway unhealthy in the first place. Instead take fresh juices or drinks that are cooling and help maintain your body temperature.
  2. Summers cause bloating of the body. Hence reduce the intake of dry fruits since they increase bloating. Instead stick to fresh fruits and water based products.

  3. Do not drink chilled liquids or add ice to your drinks. They differ from the outside temperature and can imbalance your body temperature. They also attract viral, colds, cough and fever. So it is best to reduce your intake of very cold or freezing drinks.

  4. Summers are a time where the body loses a lot of salt and water, due to sweat. Therefore one must drink fruits and vegetables as well cooling drinks such as coconut water, buttermilk etc to replenish the lost nutrients and minerals in the body.

  5. The sweat that result due to summers can attract a lot of germs. Especially if you are experiencing the colds and the cough. Hence it is important to have a healthy diet at home and avoid food from outside to maintain good hygiene levels. These are some of the Latest health and wellness tips for a healthy diet.

Latest Workout Tips for a healthy and toned body :

Latest Workout tips

1.water :

always take a shower with cold water. Even though heated water can help in easing body pain due to hard workouts, it can do more harm than good. Cold water helps keep you cool and fresh during the summers. If needed, take two showers a day.

2. Split Sqats :

Split Squats help in maintaning body balance and also tone your lower bpdy, especially your thighs and calves.

3. Donkey kicks :

Donkey kicks tone your core of the body, your lower abdomen, your thighs and your butt.

4. Biceps and shoulder reps.

These help in toning the upper body and also engages the core of your body and hence help in toning your stomach area as well.

5. Mountain Climbers :

They are a great exercise for an overall workout and help reduce calories and tone your body rapidly. These were a few of the latest workout tips.

Apart from these, make sure you drink a lot of water during exercises to get enough hydration, exercise indoors or cooler places, wear comfortable clothes that let your skin breathe, etc.

Happy summers!

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