It is rightly said, a beautiful thing is never perfect for each one of us are beautiful in our own way. Does it mean we should not look after ourselves and spend time enhancing our outer beauty? The answer is NO! It is highly important to look presentable and appealing to give a boost to our moral which doesn’t get to our head. Our busy lives hardly leave us with any time to take care of ourselves which is why simple Natural health and beauty tips come to our rescue. For instance, the Best Natural Hair Treatment has always been nice oil Champi by our moms that make our hair grow smooth and long. Let us get to know some Natural skin and hair care routines to bring out your charm and make you feel beautiful inside out.

Natural health and beauty tip

The most vital Natural health and beauty tip that anyone and everyone will give is to have a well balanced diet. So, why do we need to have a well balanced diet? It is very simple to understand good hair and skin are a reflection of how healthy from are from the inside. When we consume foods rich in vitamins and minerals our skin and hair absorb them from the blood that travels to all the parts of our body. Spinach has high iron content, whole grains, citrus fruits high in vitamin c, Nuts rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, eggs are full of protein, Bean sprouts contain silica are some of the foods that aid natural hair growth . Similarly, Tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, fish oils, sweet potatoes and berries work wonder for your skin.

Best Natural Hair Treatment

There are some Natural skin and hair care regimes one can follow along with maintaining a well balanced diet. Almond oil is great for glowing skin and lustrous hair. For your face, grind 2-3 almonds using and mortar and pestle till it has a granular texture. Then scrub your face gently with it for about 5 minutes. You will realize that eventually your face has a layer of natural almond oil. Let it stay on your face as a moisturizer and see a major difference in your skin in 3 weeks. For hair, make a Banana, olive oil, honey and curd pack is the Best Natural Hair Treatment. Apply it on scalp as well as the length of your hair and leave it on for about two hair. Wash them with a mild shampoo and see the amazing results for yourself.