However, it can be argued that there are so many different therapies in the old Indian practice of Ayurveda, that one may get confused when they set out to choose the right path in order to attain good physical health. But there also is the fact that most of these Ayurveda therapies and treatments are almost equally effective and the only difference is said to be the cost of the treatments. Most of the herbs used in the treatments are rare, thus the treatment becomes costly and while they are of course, more effective than other therapies, they do provide a very long term benefit to the seekers.

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Ayurveda has been around for quite a long time now, and over all the centuries that it has existed, there have been some additions and modifications over the years but the essence remains the same. The only purpose behind all the Ayurvedic therapies is to provide an overall cleanse of the body from harmful parasites and toxins and once the body becomes able to get rid of those harmful elements, it automatically becomes healthier. However, equal importance is given to meditation and yoga as they enhance the quality of life to a great degree.

Out of n number of treatments available in the various institutions across the country and the world, we would like to mention a few.

Abhyangam- This one happens to be a warm-oil, full body, therapeutic massage which is practiced in almost all the Ayurveda centres as it is used to balance and relax the body, mind and spirit which also in turn, happens to be the very first step while taking Ayurveda therapies. The oil that is applied to the body is designed to enhance the circulation and provides a great help with body and mind detoxification, keeps away premature aging along with some other benefits. It somehow gets done with a different kind and sequence of strokes than the techniques that are done in the Western massage. Fresh organic ointments are used and applied through the massage to your ayurvedic constitution.

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Shirodhara- In this very popular therapy, the warm and exotic oil is applied to the very small area in between the two eyes (more commonly referred as the third eye). This therapy is there since the very foundation of Ayurveda and has remained unchanged for the most part due to the very fact that this is quite essential for the well being of the human mind. It performs a number of functions such as- relieving stress, depression, insomnia and other mental disorders. It works on the brainy aspect of the human body and calms the central nervous system.

Basti- A slightly raised sphere of dough that contains within it some medicated herbal oils, is applied to mostly the pain-affected part of the body which in turn, produce direct local action in order to perform many essential functions such as decreasing pain, releasing stuck energy, betters the patterns in the body/mind.