Heart disease is the cause of death of 25% of women’s death every year and as they get older women are more likely to get it. After menopause the risk for heart diseases increases as your heart becomes vulnerable when your ovaries stop making o estrogen. So heart health information is required for every women to stay away from heart diseases.

Managing Stress:

Stress disturbs everyone in different ways as there is a link between people who have high amounts of stress over long periods and heart disease but the link is not well understood.Stress can cause loss of sleep, pain and headaches, and can drain the body. Long-lasting stress can cause the heart to work harder and this will get worse any other risk factors for heart disease you may have.You can follow many stress reducing habits that will help to progress your general health. A good physical activity or exercise is one way to lessen stress. Slowing down and execution of some relaxation exercises or ant breathing techniques is also helpful. Letting get rid of worries and spending much more time with family and friends can help to progress to a healthier and more relaxed lifestyle and helps in heart disease prevention.

Nutrition and diet:


Nutrition and diet play an enormous role in avoiding heart disease and maintaining a good diet can reduce the risk for heart disease. A diet which is high in raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and omega3 fatty acids, which is present in fish, helps to prevent heart disease. You will also need to avoid some foods that can worsen heart disease. Foods with a high amount of sugar and salt, all alcoholic beverages, and foods with partly hydrogenated vegetable oil should be avoided. Watching calories is significant and know how many calories per day you can get and focus on eating a change of foods that are high in nutrients and which is low in calories.

Managing Diabetes:

Diabetes is a severe risk factor for heart disease as it has harmful effects on many organs in the body and it can lead to exterior artery disease and stroke. If you have diabetes then manage your condition to stop heart disease. You can manage diabetes with medications too. You can stop the effects of diabetes and reduce your risk of heart disease by selecting a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise and weight loss management:


Exercising and maintaining a healthy weight are also vigorous in lowering your blood pressure and in preventing heart disease. Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, or up to 60 minutes of exercise most days of the week can reduce heart diseases. Exercise does not have to be severe but the key is to stay active. The main goals of exercise is to maintain a healthy weight. So the calorie which is intake should be burnt by any exercise to stay healthy.

These latest women health tips when followed will prevent heart disease and will help to stay fit.