Not many of us take proper care of their hair as much as they care about their skin, but you must know to have the perfect skincare you also need to have a perfect hair care routine. Both Hair and Skin are important parts of Natural health and beauty tips and like I always say, your skin and hair are things that will be with you for your entire life so make sure you take the best care.

For the best natural hair treatment all you need is a few tips and here are some below.


• Stop splurging your money on expensive products for your hair, all you need in your life is being natural.

• Rub avocado oil (on dry hair) or mashed avocado mixed with an egg ( make sure your hair is wet). This works best for damaged hair as avocados are rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.

• Try using some vinegar on your hair, it is an amazing treatment for better hair quality.

• To get rid of frizzy hair, you can try applying sandalwood oil with some olive oil.

• Try not avoiding to use conditioners and apply them specially before you plan going for a swim.

These were some of the best natural hair treatments we have in suggestion but not only that find more about natural skin and hair care below.


You might find these products easily available in your general stores.

Coconut Oil: As a matter of fact for ages it has been used for treatments of skin, hair and other remedial concerns. Today you know that coconut oil is extremely helpful in putting down all your skin and hair problems.

Honey: Honey is a great product which can be used both on our skin and our hair. It makes them both look moisturized and shiny.

Avocado: Like we mentioned earlier it is definitely good for our hair but it is equally good for our skin. Any product rich in vitamins is always good for skin.

These tips work well only if you try them out regularly and as a tip, never use products with too much chemicals. Try being natural and you can also try organic.

It is only possible for you to fix your hair and skin problems if you try. These things not just matter for a few years but for all your life.