Do you know which are the Healthy and nutritious food for third trimester. Becoming a Mother is a heavenly experience, especially when you are becoming for the first time. But newly pregnant mothers are sometimes more careless or too worrying about what to eat or which nutrition to take.

Until 28th week it is fine with you, but as soon as you go through the third trimester it is not easy to continue with the same kind of foods and habits which you have kept pre 28th week. Although 1st and 2nd trimester also requires attentive care and food habits. We have discussed Nutrition during pregnancy in our earlier editions but this time we will give a checklist to your food as soon as you begin the countdown from 28th week. This is the time when your fetus shows significant growth , thus it leaves less space for food and you have to have more calories for the growth and development of your baby. Thus it becomes very hard to maintain your diet and nutrition intake, although we have made the work a little easier for you , here we have the dos and donts during your 3rd trimester.


  1. Take smaller meals , In order to balance your calorie requirements take nutrients rich food that fit into your stomach. Take food at various timings in small amount as suppose every couple of hours. Include sandwiches, crackers, brown rice, fish, chicken milk based foods and nuts etc in your food. Eat very less amount of food at a time it will help prevent you reflux or heartburn and do practice some healthy walk whenever you have food.
  2. Eat foods rich in Iron and Omega 3. Eggs, red meat and legumes are a rich source of iron add them into your diet for at least one or twice in a week. Fish is a rich source of Omega 3 fats. Take vitamin E and magnesium as they are highly nutritional sources to produce breast milk. Take oil fats found in nuts, grains and avocados. Have them on regular basis or otherwise twice or thrice in a week.

  3. Water is a good source of mineral and a important fluid for all human being. It becomes necessary to check your water intake during pregnancy and even during the last few left months of pregnancy. In order to maintain your body fluid drink 2 liters of water daily, avoid intake of packed foods that are high in salts. Salt brings down the water level in your body. Try to take potassium rich foods such as beetroot and green tea to flush out excessive fluid intake.

  4. Take small and regular walks, when you are going through the 3rd trimester of your pregnancy you must not stop any kind of body movement or go for complete bed rest. It is hard to balance your body in this tie but still you have to find room for taking walks and little bit of body movement on a regular basis. Regular body movements and walks will help you avoid spinal problems, chest burn due to acidity and most importantly will help in blood circulation into body parts.


Observe these guidelines and take proper nutrition for your body so that you lead a happy post pregnancy period. Remember the nutrition for mother during pregnancy is the nutrition for children.

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