Are You searching For Latest Health Tips this for the summer. Struggling to escape the heat of the summer, it seems that not only you but many like you struggle with the same problems in summer. Due to global housewarming the earth’s temperature is rising every year and the summers are getting hotter than ever, traditional cooling methods have almost failed to such 48 degrees temperature.

In order to keep yourself away from disease you just have to follow certain remedial measures and take care of yourself in the sun. These Latest Health and Wellness tips can maintain your health issues this summer.


10 Latest Health tips this summer.

  1. Remain hydrated, carry water wherever you go, as our body consist of 70% water you must drink plenty of water especially during summers.
  2. Remember drinking water is good, but never drink water as soon as you come from the hot sun, this could be life treating as body temperature comes down as you drink water.

  3. Avoid too much Air Conditioners, temperature mismatch can lead to heat strokes during summer, suppose you have been the entire day in an air conditioned room or your office AC and instantly come out to room temperature that can be even up to 30 – 35 you may face heat stroke, resulting to fever, cold or cough or breathe anxiety.

  4. Eat raw Onions, add them in your daily meals like ratites, curries and salads, onions are said to have properties which protect you from Heat Waves, and sun stroke. Many people in Country side such as farmers eat raw onion while working in the sun.

  5. Eat fruits not flesh, during summers fruits and vegetables are found in abundance but if you are not a veggie you will definitely look for flesh and mutton, do remember that these kind of food are neither good nor harmful also if taken on a strict routine, instead avoid packed mutton or flesh found in supermarkets, as it is not a healthy idea to consume such foods they are often indigestible in summer and heats up body.

  6. Lemon shakes, summer leads to loss of vitamins from our body, keeping them intact is not easy, lemon are rich in Vitamin C which maintains skin moisture and protects body from immune deficiency diseases.

  7. Intake Mint, sweet sour and tasty , and above all refreshing , drinking a glass of mint water can refresh you in summer, mint can be used in ratites, curds and chutney is the best way to have it, it can be easily grown in ones garden.

  8. Olive oil, the healthiest of all oils contains edible fats and fatty acids that help our body resist harmful UV rays. Fatty acids restores body moisture that is lost in the hot weather by form of sweat. Consume olive oil in your diets with salads or cooked food or use it for marinating.

  9. Wear clothes that are lighter and soft, this will help you release body heat, cotton clothes are softer and lightweight and absorb sweat, it provides cooling also.

  10. Burn your calories, while summer is worst for something it is the best time to loose extra calories this can be done by some sweating exercise indoor, or many ones favorite to have a swimming class in the pool for at least 20 minutes, prefer doing yoga and aerobics.


While summer can be boring inside your house, these latest workout tips can keep you busy. Unless you follow all the tips its not going to pass great in the hot stretched months of summer.