Indian Ayurvedic medicine are not just limited to Herbs and roots and use of nature identical things for the treatment of diseases, surprisingly Indian Ayurveda was developed for healing purpose the vedic literature suggest Ayurveda as one of the four upavedas meaning application of Vedic knowledge for the Liberation of mind and body and for the purpose of healing and well being of our body, Yoga is one of the six systems of Vedic philosophy which applies the same Vedic teachings.

Yoga is an inner spiritual practice and known as Dhyan or Sadhana in Sanskrit terminology can be applied according to the Ayurveda guidelines for diagnosis, treatment and maintenance of Body health. Though not being inherently a medical system of treatment it still possess the capability to deal with treatment of diseases in primary manner. It liberates your body and mind it incorporates breathing exercises and meditation to relax your body and mind by reducing stress and controlling the secretion of cortical a major stress hormone in our body. There are various Benefits of yoga classes in today’s life if practiced regularly.

8 Benefits of Yoga


1.) Release Stress – It incorporates breathing exercises and meditation to relax your body and mind by reducing stress yoga also reduces the secretion of Cortisol the major stress causing hormone in our body.

2.) Removes Anxiety – By keeping our mind calm and body posture straight, anxiety levels can be reduced in our body, yoga movement such as Balasana and Gauasana helps in doing so.

3.) Increases Flexibility – The flexibility of our body and all round stretch ability of our body fitness including our physical and medical fitness mental fitness. Yoga postures help you improve body posture such as eat sleep, walk, and sit. Regular and routine exposure to yoga builds a strong and supple body.

4.) Build Immunity – Our body system is affected by anonymous things in day to day life and irregular activity affects our body and mind. Hence causing restlessness and body ailment, yoga pose can reverse such happenings and strengthen our muscle & breathing techniques to help release stress and build immunity from diseases.

5.) Stay Fresh – Doing regular yoga can make you fit and fresh for entire day. You will feel more energetic every time and refreshed mentally if you do 10 minutes of yoga twice a day. People who practice regular yoga attain peace of mind and body the stay calm in any situation.

6.) Strengthens Bones – Many yoga postures make you lift your own body weight, doing so gives more strength to your body, as weight carrying exercises strengthens your bones and keep you away from disease like osteoporosis. It has been found that Yoga can miraculously keep calcium intact to your bones.

7.) Keep You Focused – Yoga`s most important component is it helps you focus, practicing yoga regularly improves coordination between brain and body parts and sharpens your memory, yoga is a meditation process and help you stay underacted from irrelevant thoughts.

8.) Good Sleep – Sleep is a major disorder in today`s modern life , yoga can provide relief from such modern life diseases, poses like yog nidra, pranayama, and savasana relaxes our nervous system and delivers good sleep to your body, good sleep make you feel less tired and focused during the day.


The list of benefits of yoga do not end here, yoga can provide you with many more advantages in the modern rush life, it is also a type of Ayurvedic Treatment and posses practical way of healing. For more such updates on Best ayurvedic treatments stay tuned to us, and subscribe to our newsletter.