Summer is all set to make you unfit but don’t worry, all latest fitness tips are here to keep you fit during summer.

The moment you are out in summer you start sweating, sweat is nothing but mineral salts of our body and helps in Cooling the body, but sweat in excess can be harmful not just because it’s sticky or body odor but because it can be indicators of disease like rashes and pimple. Just like this many other things should be taken care of in summer to keep you away from disease. The latest health and fitness tips during summer can keep you away from any such disease.

Here are the do’s and don’t of latest health and fitness tips.


1.) Choose and Eat wisely – Food is the necessary part of health and fitness tips. Choosing your food wisely can keep you away from summer borne diseases and always make sure you are eating home cooked food, eat fresh food keep away from excess cold drinks and Ice cream.

2.) Drink quantity water – Sweat is not going to leave you in summer but make sure you take enough of water to cope up with your Sweat. Carry a bottle of water to wherever you go. Keeping your body hydrated in summer will keeps you away from summer borne diseases. Also take care that you don’t drink water from any unknown or unhygienic source.

3.) Be hygienic – A hygienic approach is latest fitness tips in summer as is necessary also don’t miss out on maintaining hygienic habits. Washing your hands properly can keep you fit along the entire day. Whenever you come from outside take a bath or shower that will keep you fresh the whole day and away from sticky sweat and body odor causing itchiness, rashes and dry skin sometimes.

4.) Exercise Rules – Identify a proper place and time for workout and exercise, usually a tree shed, or a park , yoga’s inside your home is also a good option. Don’t workout during the daylight or when sun is soaring red hot it will cause excessive dehydration. Try to avoid workout under direct sunlight and always wear sunscreen lotion .Picking the right time of the day is necessary. Wear loose and breathable cotton clothes.

5.) Avoid Alcoholic food – Latest health and fitness tips during summer, suggest avoiding Alcoholic beverages drinks is not necessary but should be limited as experts say that drinking alcohol further dehydrates your body which causes the body to perspire and urinate more reducing water levels in the body, hence it is suggested not to have much alcohol during summer.


Now you know what all precautions you must take in summer and the Do`s and Don’ts of this season to keep yourself fit. If you are trying to figure out what Latest weight loss tips can keep your weight under control during summer we will be bringing you all such stuffs.

For more such tips on keeping fit this summer stay tuned to all healthy stuffs from us.