Indian Ayurvedic medicines are famous all over the world. People come from far and wide to India to buy Ayurvedic medicines and treat themselves with it. Ayurvedic medicines have also largely been commercialized by brands and are being sold worldwide. These natural alternative medicines are extremely good for your health and also do not have any side effects since they are all natural. Here is a list of Indian Ayurvedic Medicines that you can use in your daily life to stay healthy and fit.

Camphor Oil

Depression is a growing problem in India since the lifestyle that we lead, excess competition and work etc, mental health is a big issue. Camphor oil is a very good supplement that can help with depression and with other mental health issues such as anxiety etc. It can also be used to treat colds and coughs, headaches, asthma, liver disorders etc. The bark of the plant tree also helps in reducing fungal and bacterial infections.


Pudina is a quintessential example of the benefits of Ayurvedic Medicines. Pudina has a variety of good properties. It has an anti bacterial action on your skin, but can also prevent dental problems. It is a blood cleanser so it detoxifies your body. Most Indian households use Pudina in making chutneys. It is a great exercise since it cleanses your body from the inside.



Turmeric needs no introduction because its health benefits are numerous. It has anti bacterial properties and anti inflammatory properties and are great for the skin. Use raw turmeric mixed with water and apply it to the face to cure pimples and other inflammations. Turmeric is also mixed with milk and taken, and almost every household in India uses turmeric in their cooking. Turmeric can prevent heart and liver diseases and also cure digestive problems.

Chia Seeds

Popularly known as sabja in India, it is used in Faluda, a sweet dish, to act as a cooling agent to the body. It is also great for the skin when consumed whole. Chia seeds are great for boosting immunity and increasing stamina and hearth health. They also help in reducing blood pressure.



Cinnamon is an integral part of cooking in every Indian household. Cinnamon used in dishes, or even eaten raw has properties that deal with reducing body pain and stiffness. It also enhances blood circulation snd helps in reducing breathing problems.

These benefits of Ayurvedic medicines is too real for you to miss and you must use these natural alternative medicines to take care of your health!