Ayurveda Detox – Route to a healthy Mind, Body, and Soul

Ayurveda is the blessing in disguise which originated in the land of our own country and yet sadly it’s valued today has decreased in India itself. If one reads the ancient texts or hear the tales about our own great grandparents, then we would notice one thing that they were all aware of the magic of Ayurveda.Although many researchers consider it to be pseudo-scientific, but as the term denotes the word Ayurveda itself means life knowledge and hence if one imagines a life without Ayurveda then he or she is bound to get into some difficulty related to health.


In a fast moving world like today, where one barely has time to pay proper attention to oneself and this is where we fall prey to diseases and illnesses. The majority of the diseases in our body are nothing but the accumulation of toxins. Now you may wonder where do I gather these toxins? A sound healthy person may eat very rich diet and take good care of his or health, but he or she cannot avoid the toxins in the air, water, and food. Also, many times the toxins are generated in the body itself due to virus H Sahara or wrong diet and improper medication.

As Ayurveda believes, everything in our body can be put into order and synchronization and only this would lead to a healthy existence and for this, Ayurveda suggests the simple method of getting rid of all your accumulated toxins. The Ayurveda Detox is indeed a powerful therapy or a mode of treatment which is all natural and rejuvenating.health-3

The Up drama or treatment in Ayurveda is long and rigorous but the Ayurveda Detox is something you can easily start at your own house today itself and get rid of the extra toxins befouling the body. Ayurveda Detox is simple and natural. Here are some tips to detox at home:

  • Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water per day. Water not only washes out the toxins out of your body but it also helps regulate body temperature, helps in digestion and nourishes hair and skin naturally. A lukewarm glass of water in the morning with lemon can do great wonders.health
  • Go on a nutritious diet. Stop all junk or processed food. Cut down on sugar, artificial food taste enhancers and alcoholic and caffeinated beverages.
  • Eat citrus fruits every day and maintain a regular intake of raw green leafy vegetables in your diet especially in dinner. A salad in the night for a week can do great wonders in detoxifying as well as in synchronizing body chakras.

These are simple ways to detoxify your body today itself. Do not forget to cast a look upon the great knowledge of Ayurveda and take a plunge into the world of nature to enrich your body, mind, and soul.