Backwaters, as the name is so is the mesmerizing place. The backwater is a chain of brackish lakes and lagoons which are lying parallel to the Arabian Sea Coast or the Malabar coat in the state of Kerala, India. The chain includes five large lakes which are connected by either natural or man-made canals which are fed by nearly 38 rivers and extends up to half of the Kerala State. The action of waves and shore current which created low barrier islands in the rivers formed the Backwaters.

The 900km waterways are inhabited by many unique species of aquatic life including crabs, frogs, and mud skippers. Water birds like terns, kingfisher daters and also animals like turtles, otters can be found easily. The coasts are covered with Palm trees, panda nus Shrubs and various other green leafy plants makes the surrounding peaceful for the eye.

The Backwaters hold the prominent place in “50 destinations of a lifetime” by National Geographic Traveler. Apart from the surround the other attractions are the resorts and the houseboats. One of the prominent attraction in backwaters is the houseboats also traditionally known as the Ketuvallam, they were initially used for transportation then becomes a place for tourist to stay for the night, and the floating cottages have a sleeping area, dining area, western style toilets and a sit out deck. The boats come with variety of styles and features according to the need of the people.


Boat Race is also an attraction for the tourists, Chundan vallam or snake boats are slim boats over one hundred feet (30 m) long, with a raised front that stands ten feet (3.0 m) on top of water and resembles the hood of a snake. Historically these were utilized by native rulers to move troopers throughout city in times of wars. In contemporary world, it’s spawned a replacement sport – the Vallam Kali (boat race).

Every chundan vallam accommodates a couple of hundred muscular men to row the boat. Boat races are occasions of nice excitement and recreation with thousands gathered on the banks to observe and cheer. Most of these races takes place within the Kollam Region


The place has a great Economic significance too, since the place is connected by canals it forms an economical means of transport for local trade is done on by inland navigation. Fishing and fish curing is also an important industry of the backwaters. Kollam region is crossed with waterways that run alongside extensive paddy fields, as well as fields of cassava, yam and banana. The crops are grown on the low lying ground and irrigated with fresh water from canal and waterways connected to Ashtamudi Lake.

These meandering pathways of the Kerala backwaters tours take you to the world of tranquility and wonderment that gives one a fabulous opportunity to enjoy your vacation in a memorable way.  Visit this God’s Own Country and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the backwater tourism, which is truly unmatched and is beyond words to describe.