There are no other words to describe Kerala other than ‘A Paradise on Earth’, this green Southern belle of India has got numerous activities to do from head to toe of the State. God’s own country’ is full of scenic views. But aside from these there is a tone to do when you enter the lush green landscape of Kerala. A mélange of culinary experiences, the beautiful beaches, the serene backwaters and the massage are not all that it has to offer.

Here’s a list of things to do in Kerala to make your holiday a memorable one.

  1. Bike ride

Bike Riding

The winding roads up and down the hills are a pleasure. From Kottayam you can take three routes to many places in Idukki. One of the best is the route via Pala to see the marvellous Idukki Arach Dam.

 2. Coffee plantation

Coffee plantation

Drink your cuppa joe where it actually gets made. Stay at a coffee plantation resort which includes all the activities like trekking, night safaris, camp fire and plantation walks.

3. Elephant bathing


Elephant bathing

Can you imagine giving a bath to an elephant? Visit Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary for some exciting activities like elephant bath, elephant safari and elephant feeding.

 4. Spice tour

Spice tour

Take a tour of the spice plantations or gardens in Wayanad Munnar, or Thekkady. Taste some authentic black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom and the exotic vanilla and explore the farms on a nature walk.

5.Eat Banana Dishes

Eat Banana Dishes

The variety of Bananas found in Kerala are of different size, shape and taste. Try the varieties from the local stores followed by their culinary counterparts including fried chips, steamed and fried in batter.

6. Stay in a Tree house

Stay in a Tree house

Experience the fun of staying in a Tree House and get closer to nature at Athirapally Munnar Wayanad, or Thekkady. You can indulge in activities like, rock climbing, rapping, nature walks and mountain biking.

7. Hi tea in Munnar

Hi tea in Munnar

This little haven is a marvelous place to visit while in Kerala. Filled with some locally cultivated tea in Munnar. Visit the Kannan Devan Plantation Museum to witness the tea processing and get a chance taste different teas.

8. Swim in the Arabian sea

Swim in the Arabian sea

Bathe in the medicinal water springs in Varkala beach and the ocean water on this beautiful beach. Few kilometers from Trivandrum International Airport, Varkala beach is best visited during December and March.

9. Snake Boat Races

Snake Boat Races

Watching the colorful Snake Boat races in Alappuzha is an amazing thing to do. Snake boat races are mostly held during Onam festival. One can even rent a boat to take a closer look at the race. The closest station is Alleppey which is accessible from Ernakulam.

 10. Jungle Jeep Ride

Jungle Jeep Ride