With more and more people seeking treatments with Ayurveda, the Allopathic medicine world has also started to take notice and explore more about them. One such big step is in the form of an Research & treatment centre opened recently by AIIMS, India’s biggest Hospital run by the Government. Treatment with modern medicine and Ayurveda now be possible under singe center of AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences). The Center for Integrative Medicine and Research was inaugurated in AIIMS in New Delhi on June 22 by Health Minister JP Nadda. The center extends over four thousand square feet on the seventh floor of the block of Convergence ten plants in AIIMS.
The center aims to conduct rigorous scientific research to compare various different forms of medicine and its effects on health, compared with modern medicine. “Today, there are still different types of claims regarding benefits of Ayurveda health.

Ayurveda Treatment
The center will conduct scientific tests difficult to understand the safety and efficacy of medicines and alternative therapies Yoga, “a professor of Cardiology at AIIMS.
The center is divided into two parts – a gigantic Yoga studio with wooden floors and a therapy center for Ayurveda and Naturopathy.
Modern medical fields of medicine and alternative medicine like Ayurveda does not see eye to eye. This will change with different streams of medicine being integrated into a single group in the center. Integration will help patients seek treatment and make sure it does not have a contradictory effect on their health due to negligence cross treatments. Most ayurvedic medicines are available without a prescription that leads to abuse and are not strict regulations to control their use.

Ayurveda Medicine
“It is expected to be an ideal system the hospital where modern medicine is complemented by Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Unani and Yoga. While modern medicine is great to deal with emergencies and fatal bacterial infections, it is said that alternatives to be effective in chronic conditions therapies. These points will be studied in the center, while patients will be able to make use of alternative therapies in a reliable tuning, as said by Dr. Chandrakant Pandav, Head of the center for Community Medicine at AIIMS.
“It has been recommended to all departments of modern medicine to participate in comparative research at the center. Infertility in women due to stress is an important problem we are facing nowadays. Also the rehabilitation of patients who have suffered a heart attack or stroke studied at the center. Apart from this therapy of patients with respiratory diseases such as asthma will be treated, as said Dr. MC Mishra, director at AIIMS.
Yoga as modern medicine also, if practiced without thinking or exaggerated can lead to fatal side effects, experts warn about this time to time. Therefore, the need for a scientific center felt. “There are numerous cases of deaths which have been reported due to excess Yoga” said Dr.HR Nagendra, yoga guru of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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Doctors say that yoga must be learned using only certified professionals. “It’s very easy task to get certified for teaching yoga. Instructor certification standards should be strengthened,” said Dr. Pandav.