As Kerala, the south Indian state is slowly but surely gaining reputation as one of the most beautiful places in the world, the demand for the affordable and the best tour packages have increased and the saying goes, where there’s demand, the supply follows. And here as well, there are countless websites and companies offering too many of them, meeting every requirement of the tourists, from the couples to the single ones, from the family trips to the friend groups and everything else. Most of the tour packages include some of the most popular tourist spots such as the Kerala backwaters and the visit to the hill station Munnar.

Kerala Beach

AsIn the popular culture, Kerala is often known as God’s Own Country, meaning when the god created the earth, he forgot to build a place for himself to rest in and then he got the idea for Kerala, or Keralam, as they call it locally. From the lush green rainforests to the hill stations, from national parks to the beautiful beaches, Kerala is so full of wonders that one may get lost in the abyss of this one enchanting mistress of a place.

As Most of the Kerala tour lasts for about a week, that includes 7 days and 6 nights tour and in that, they covers almost all of the important places there are to see in the state. But most people usually prefer the natural marvels over the man made ones, thus the tour operators have to create the packages based on the preferences of the people.

Kerala Famous Places

As Most of the tour packages offers breakfast & sometimes dinner as well, stay in a decent three star hotel and the travel through a car or a bus and as comfortable as they can be. Munnar, Kumarakom and Kovalam are three of most beautiful places in the state and are included in almost all of the tour packages.

As Getting the tour package booked through a good travel agent makes more sense for people visiting the state for the first time. The experienced travel agents try to customize the packages to meet client’s expectations. However experienced traveller one be, but one cannot match the experience of a local person.

Kerala Wildlife

As There are certain things about a place which you would never be able to find out unless some local person guides you. It matters more to the people looking to experience the place rather than just doing city hopping. Make the best of your trip, try to add more number of days to your trip.

As Kerala is well connected by air and railways. If you are landing in India in a state other than Kerala, you can either take a train or fly to Kerala. There are special quotas reserved in trains for foreign tourists which you can avail. Start your trip from Kochi or Cochin as it is generally referred to, visit Munnar, the famous hill station, make a stay in Alleppey or Kumarakom in a houseboat, marvel the beauty of Kovalam beaches and then take a flight or train back from Trivandrum.

Plan your trip with care and have a great vacation.