For the most part, Kerala is a state full of lush green landscapes and open fields giving a perfect habitat for the wild animals and birds to thrive in their natural habitat and rightly so, Kerala’s wildlife is extremely colourful and large. The humidity in the environment causing the moist air in most of its land along with the rainforests are two of the many reasons why the bio diversity of the state is considered to be one of the best in the entire world and the God’s Own Country moniker that has been bestowed upon Kerala is very rightly deserved.

Kerala Wildlife_2

In the extreme east part of the state lays the most of its wildlife. Kerala has managed to save about 7200 kilometre squares of its land for the growth and the nurturing of the wildlife in the state and more than half of this area is the places where humans are not at all allowed to do any kind of plantation or any other work.

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The lush forests of Kerala are hosts to some of the most dangerous wild animals, while most of them being endangered; this proves to be heaven for those species to thrive. The Asian elephant, leopard, Bengal tiger, nilgiri tahr and the very rare to find glizzered squirrel are some of the animals thriving and multiplying in the deep rainforests of the area. In the deep wildlife natural parks, we can witness the lion tailed macaque, the Indian sloth bear and boar. The more prevalent animals include Indian porcupine, chital, sambar, grey languor, flying squirrel, the catarrhine old world monkey along with the grey wolf among many others.

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Coming to the reptiles, there may not be any other place on the planet so full of snakes, both venomous and non-venomous. The perfect habitat is provided to King cobra who happens to be here in abundance along with the python and many other species of snakes along with many species of turtles. There also happens to about 453 different species of birds in the area.

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The backwaters in Kerala happen to be a string of the brackish lagoons along the Malabar Coast, the Arabian Sea coast to be more precise. Linked by five big canals and taking their volume from 38 rivers, the five lakes forming the backwaters happens to be the biggest crowd puller in the state of Kerala, the south Indian state which has so many things to offer to the tourists and yet this remains the biggest attraction for them.

Kerala Backwater_1

The creation of Kerala backwaters happened to be caused by the current and the action of the waves coming from the sea and these are both manmade and natural. They have also become habitat to some of the rarest species of the aquatic animals and are used by the locales as means of earning their living.

In several polls done by different magazines, Kerala has been on top in most of them and the houseboats and these eccentric backwaters along with the wildlife have been the most popular tourist spots of Kerala.