Kerala, like most south Indian states is full of some of the most attractive visuals but there is a slight difference, among all only Kerala has got the tag of God’s Own Country. This phrase tells a lot itself about what to expect when you set foot in Kerala. The lush green landscapes, deep rainforests, eccentric wildlife full of rare species of animals and birds, waterfalls and the beaches. Now enough of the natural stuff, the man made things in the state are as watchable as any other places in the world. The influence of many different races and religions is quite visible in every corner of the state. Without wasting any more time, let us talk about what not to miss in case you were planning a trip to Kerala, which you must do at least once in your life.
Though almost everything about the place is a pretty good reminder of how the heaven would be looking like but then, there are the backwaters of Allepey, making everything fade in comparison. The backwater trip on the houseboats is one experience you would love to cherish lifelong and nothing gets better than that.

Munnar Hill Station

The Munnar hill station happens to be the most popular in all the south Indian states and offers a pretty unforgettable view of the mountain slopes and attracts a lot of tourists every year. The mountain is covered with wide green tea farms and the view of the mist from the mountains and the low flying clouds combines together to form a quite surreal visual ready to devour your sense of self as you become one with the Mother Nature. During the English Colonial period, Munnar happened to be one of the main holiday spots for the officials while the heat wave were tearing apart rest of the nation to shreds.


Kumarakom is small village where you must make a stop when you become tired of visiting the super amazing backwaters. The place offers a wide diversity of flora and fauna and the food here is amazing. The whole area gives away feels of colonial era and the exotic scenery mixed with that makes the experience quite rare and we cannot stress enough about how beautiful the place is. Imagine how heaven must look it, and that’s just a ‘pretty good’ start.


Wayanad happens to be the greenest of green places even in the context of Kerala. In Malayalam, Wayanad literally translates to the land of paddy fields and that gives us very less to imagine what we are going to find in here. The best time to visit Wayanad is summers.


Thekkady has a wildlife sanctuary visited by the animal enthusiasts from all over the world and the place itself is extremely peaceful and offers some great scenery.


Kovalam is popular world over for its pristine beaches. Spend some time to enjoy the beauty of these beaches which leave you calm and composed. The Southern end of India, Kanyakumari is worth a trip. While you are there try to catch up Sunset and Sunrise which are breath taking. Kerala has a lot to offer to everyone and it seems impossible to cover everything in one trip. Keep visiting and you shall find something new and exciting in your every kerala trip.