The herbs commonly used in the manufacture of Ayurvedic medicine are highly nutritive with a lot of healing properties. Plus the manufacturing process, which is supervised by expert Vaidyas, is designed to clean, purify and enhance the potency of the formula. The natural herbs and minerals ensure that the medicines don’t harm an individual’s health in any manner. Instead, each herb used is unique in its medicinal property and brings a balanced harmony between the mind and spirit. So this cuts all possibilities of any kind of discomfort (internal/external) caused to an individual by consumption of ayurvedic medicines.

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Many of the undesirable side effects that are considered to have resulted from consumption of Ayurveda treatment, are in fact, the result of not following Doctor’s instructions properly. When taken according to instructions of the Ayurvedic doctor, the medicines are safe and do not have side effects. These instructions involve changes in lifestyle and adherence of a strict dietary regime. If these instructions are not followed, it leads to problems that are disguised as side effects in most cases.

If used improperly, some medicines can intervene with conventional medicines and cause further complication. Many Ayurvedic herbs are available over the counter, in every nook and corner. This can result in side effects in people who self-medicate without fully understanding the risks and recommendations.

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One ends up thinking that the problems developed post inefficient use are side effects of the medicine, but they are actually caused due to a faulty lifestyle or a stubborn attitude towards the prescribed schedule by an ayurvedic practitioner. Hence, if you follow the instructions of the Doctor completely, Ayurvedic medicines are safe to use.