The digestive system is known to have the reigns of the human body. And Ayurveda has scientifically proven the importance of Dietary Regimens in improving health and increasing the lifespan of an individual generally. It is all the more important while undergoing Ayurvedic treatment or while taking Ayurvedic medicine internally.

Digestive System & Food

 Technically, the unique therapy of Panchakarma (meaning five actions performed in an Ayurvedic treatment) reverses the disease path from its manifestation stage, back into the bloodstream, and eventually into the gastrointestinal tract to completely remove toxins from the body and mind. The aim of a dietary regime (or Pathya, as it is called in ayurvedic terms) is to solve the cause of diseases through the practice of good routines which are favourable for decreasing the intensity of the disease. It also helps to avoid unfavourable routines, which act contrary to the medicine and in fact, adds favourable routines, which increase the potency of the medicine, hence helping in faster cure.

Kerala Ayurveda Food

To follow a certain dietary regime, some food restrictions are necessary. Where on one hand a particular food item can be beneficial for a specific disease or problem; the same food item, on the other hand can worsen another disease or aggravate the symptoms. Or it could not suit someone else with different tolerance and acceptance. So food restrictions majorly depend upon the state, severity and the type of disease you are suffering from along with the body’s tolerance of various substances. According to Ayurveda Treatment, “there is nothing in this world that is absolutely good or absolutely bad”. Thus the important deed is to become completely aware of one’s own needs in the background of variables like climate, place of residence, food items natural to the particular place, one’s digestive potential, allergies etc., and to act accordingly.

raw fruits & veggies

And for all other generic concerns of people, the food may seem insufficient by itself but in combination with the treatment and medicines, the body is definitely being well cared for as the digestive system keeps its focus on the medicines and is not distracted by unnecessary food which is mostly difficult to digest.