India may very well be lagging behind the more developed countries when it comes to the efficient health services and medicine department, but there was a time centuries ago when the country was known to be the centre of the medical research in the entire world. People from across the globe would come here to get their ailments treated and also to pursue their studies in the field of medicine. Ayurveda was originated in India only and was, and still is, known to be the purest form of medical treatments that eliminates all the risks of side effects which are quite common In the case of western medicine.

ayurveda therapies

Even today, there are institutes dedicated solely to teach the new generation about the benefits of having ayurveda as the first stop while getting best treatments possible for a wide range of ailments.

The one basic philosophy that Ayurveda treatments work on are based on the ancient philosophy that the human body has been created with the amalgamation of five basic elements, earth, fire, water, sky and ether. And the principles on which the treatments are usually based is to have a perfect balance in the body of fluids. Doing yoga and meditation along with the consumption of prescribed medicine is advised to take the treatment to the level where it is most effective.


The medicines used in ayurveda, as opposed to the western medicines, are herbal in totality and thus, the lack of the chemicals in the tablets and capsules eliminates all the risks of a side effect. This is one of the main reasons that ayurveda is gaining popularity in the western culture, especially in the United States where, ayurvedic stores can be seen in almost every major city now a days.

However, one must argue that the treatments and the Ayurveda therapies work on an outer worldly concept of the harmony between mind, body and spirit but as the time progressed, modern science has also succumbed to the fact that, this treatment, in fact, is effective in getting long term benefits.

  • Vata dosha (space and air)
  • Pitta dosha (fire and water)
  • Kapha dosha (water and earth)


Ayurveda believes that every individual human body has a very complex combination of the above mentioned elements and it is believed that an imbalance between these three doshas is the reason for one to fall sick and the treatments is solely based on correcting the irregularities of these vital substances present in the human body.

The treatment depends on the nature of one’s doshas and medicines and other treatments are prescribed to create the said harmony in one’s body. But it can be argued that the foremost work that ayurvedic treatments do to the human body is that they cleanse the body of all those harmful elements that causes illnesses in the human body and however, most of the western medicine practices are just into suppression of the symptoms, ayurvedic treatments are popular to vanish the ailments right through their roots.