Ayurveda centre is a healing zone where various Ayurvedic therapies are carried out. A lot of people ask us about how they would be spending a day at an Ayurvedic Centre; if they would get any leisure time in between treatments or would they be able to go for some sight-seeing in between the treatments, etc. A typical day at Ayurveda centre is a mix of treatment time, leisure time, yoga & meditation sessions, time for a small walk, etc. Although the exact routine differ from centre to centre as also from patient to patient, but in general we will give you an idea of how a typical day is spent at an Ayurvedic Centre.

ayurveda center

6:30 AM Lemon water/herbal tea
7:00 Yoga session for light exercises and relaxation
8.:30 Breakfast
9:30 Consultation with doctors
10:00-11:30 Ayurvedic treatment sessions
11:30-1:00 p.m. Rest
1:00 Lunch
2:30-3:30 Personal time
3:30-4:30 Relaxing & restorative yoga & Meditation session
4:30 Minor treatment for the day
5.15 Evening Tea
5:30 – 7.30 Time free for taking a walk to enjoy surrounding nature
7:30 Supper
8-9:00 Self-study
9:00 sleep
9 pm-6 am silence

Unlike other form of medicines, the treatments/therapies in Ayurveda cannot be generally prescribed. The treatment/therapies (even if you are just using Ayurveda for enhanced well-being) are decided by the Ayurveda Doctor after detailed consultation with the person seeking treatment which also includes determining the type of Dosha.


The routine mentioned above may differ from centre to centre, but the focus remains on including Yoga & meditation sessions to enhance results of ayurvedic treatments/therapies being administered. The day is planned in such a way that along side ayurvedic treatments for the body, little time is also left to rejuvenate mind and soul as well.