Ayurveda is wholesome art of maintaining health and staying fit. Ayurveda is natural way of dealing with medicine. It does not have any side-effects and totally adapted from nature. Ayurveda is considered to be alternative therapy from the very beginning it was founded. It becomes necessary to discuss the therapies of Ayurveda. The top 5 Ayurveda Therapies need to be discussed herein for better understanding.

  1. Panchkarma

Total detoxification or draining of toxins is very essential therapy of Ayurveda. It is the primary step which ought to be undergone by the patients. People planning to seek Ayurvedic medication are recommended by the practitioner to undergo through Panchakarma. This therapy is the primary step which needs to be implemented prior to proceeding with the Ayurvedic treatment.

Panchakarma treatment

  1. Pizhichil

The next powerful Ayurvedic treatment is Pizhichil which includes ayurveda based massage. It is mostly known as mother of all healing systems. With the help of this process, person attains purity of mind and body. Herbal oils are utilized to rejuvenate and purify mind as well as body. Pizhichil is smoothed from oil into form of a massage. One can feel refreshed and relaxed after undergoing this therapy. Circulation of blood increases and toxins are drained through this therapy.

pizhichili treatment

  1. Shirodhara

Shirodhara therapy is meant to induce deep meditative state. The relaxation session pours warm oils over one’s forehead focusing on his/her intuitive energetic center of the body. Soothing the sixth chakra in most of the sessions, the person becomes creative and intuitive person.


  1. Abhyangam

Abhyangam Abhyangam is full body   massage which has refreshing effect. Medicated oils which are herbal in nature are utilized for massaging. Two therapists are employed for massage who continue the process for 45 minutes. Strokes and pressure are applied in varying form of seven-position therapy. Abhyangam triggers physically, emotionally and mentally. It balances the doshas and its stimulating therapy increases blood circulation.

  1. Udwarthanam

Udwarthanam is aimed at exfoliation of skin and stimulation of muscles along with increase of blood circulation. Herbal paste and oils are utilized along with other ayurvedic medicines, the process continues. There are two therapists who perform this process to decrease the lymphatic system to induce feeling of enlightenment. One feels rejuvenated and refreshed after this process.


All in all, these therapies of Ayurveda are worth reflecting over and those who want to implement must go through them.