The ultramarine blue water bodies, sparkling golden sands, rejuvenating coconut water, scrumptious banana chips and the age old science of alternative medicine called ayurveda constitutes to the enrapturing aura of Kerala.

Ayurveda, ancient Hindu traditional form of medicine, has its root deep in the concept of balance among bodily systems, proper diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing. In God’s own country, Kerala, ayurveda has a ubiquitous influence on people. Not only keralites, but people from all over India and with the advent of time, people from all over the world have put their faiths in Ayurveda treatments owing to its long list of benefits.

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Kerala is a utopian place for all the protocols of  ayurveda because of the reasons like, boon of natural bounties; the moisture during the rainy season, abundance of greenery and pleasant temperature which are paradisiacal for ayurvedic therapies and medicines to be the most effective. No wonder kerala has the highest literacy rate in our country, for the people in kerala have not merely included ayurveda as a part of their life but, they have indeed inculcated ayurveda as a way of lifestyle.

Shedloads of Ayurveda clinics, hospitals and yoga centers have sprouted up in the recent years with the acknowledgement of ayurveda as an efficacious healthcare system. These ayurveda centers offer umpteen numbers of therapies and treatments. The famous writer Vagbata compiled the few most advantageous and valuable herbal remedies in the treatise on ayurveda, Ashtangahridayam. The practices mentioned in Ashtangahridayam are rarely used anywhere in the world other than the land of ayurveda, Kerala. Kayakalpa Chikitsa is a well known therapy for slowing down the ageing process for both the genders with the help of a specially planned diet called rasayana. These rasayanas help in boosting the immunity system and diminishing cell degradation process. Another famous ayurveda thearapy is Panchakarma Treatment, it is beneficial for the comprehensive well being of the body that aims at purification of blood and rejuvenating body, mind, breath and soul. Many other treatments for body sliming, toning and sudation and cases of insomnia, hallucination, memory loss, insanity, hemiplegia or obesity are also available.

Specific aryurveda treatments have been defined for particular health hazards, like Snehapanam is a renowned treatment to alleviate osteoarthritis and leukemia. Medicated ghee in gradually increasing quantities is served to the sufferer as a part of the treatment. Tharpanam is a treatment to cure and prevent cataract by strengthening the eye nerves. Takra Dhar for the reducing severe headaches, Kadee vasthi is a lukewarm oil treatment for minimizing lower back sickness, Thalapothichil for relief from stress and mental ailment and Oordhwanga Dhara for preventing diseases of the eyes, ears and skin.

Well, the recuperative power of ayurveda provides jouissance and bliss to our body as well as soul. Ayurveda can truly be regarded as the treasure trove of tranquility and delight.