Independence, freedom and liberty are the fundamentals of a nation, 15th August is the day associated to an achievement engraved on the pillars of India. A dense of patriotism generates just by mere listening the word independence day. We got independence from the British rule almost 66 years back but are we actually free?

I don’t feel so. In my view we are still enslaves to sloth, gluttony, malice, corruption and ignorance. If we consider ourselves as free beings then why we need a “Modi Regime” to tell us to make the country clean via Swach Bharat Abhiyaan? This country is our land, its our home, right? So why doesn’t this sense of cleaning our house comes from within? Why are we so inconsiderate towards the problems of others and after an accident leave the injured to die along the roadside? When we will get the answers to these questions we will become independent in true sense.

Happy Independence day 2015

Have you also witnessed the hike in sale of flags and other tokens of patriotism during Independence Day? Has anybody also noticed the people selling those? Majority of them are children with age ranging from 8-12 years. Is this their actual motive in life? Won’t they look better at schools? We the “upper class gentry” have never even given a split second of our time to address such a serious issue and still we don’t refrain from calling ourselves independent. If a day comes when all the children of our country are well fed, have appropriate clothes to wear, and are able to attain at least primary education, that day my friends we will rope in the liberty as well.

I am not trying to enlist merely the negative aspects of our nation because every developing country encompasses the same and we Indians possess some positive attributes that make us better than the rest of the world like our value system, integrity, dedication and hard work.

Independence Day is a declared national holiday wherein everyone fly kites, this is symbolic of our freedom but trust me that if we free ourselves as well as the country from corruption and crimes, these kites will fly to the zenith and bring glory to us. For laying a foundation of such pious environment, school children primarily should be infused with the benefits of being loyal to the nation. All Schools celebrate Independence Day but these celebrations should inculcate some knowledge on the current scenario as well rather than just focusing on the history, in other words a link should be established between the actual aspirations of the freedom fighters and the present scenario. We the mature ones should also ask ourselves that if Mahatma Gandhi  were alive, would he be happy?

The temptation of independence and freedom is mesmerizing but to attain this we have to make some slight changes in our attitude and outlook because hosting a flag, singing the National Anthem does not connote anything. Hopefully the vision of the freedom fighters takes up a solid shape in the near future as  we Indians can achieve anything we desire.