Looking for fun, relaxation, meditation and all in all rejuvenation without exasperation then here is your indulgence guide!

Kerala rightly connoted as God’s Own Country is situated in Southern India. Water, Water everywhere but not a drop to drink huh…that is where God comes to your rescue with his creation of Coconut water to quench your thirst and keep your skin hydrated and beautiful while you gaze at the lush greenery- an unspoiled nature, awesome sand beaches to kiss away the sun while Meditating, reading your favorite book or putting on tan, mesmerizing experience of House boats in kerala backwaters, walking by the splendid rain forests and picturesque mountains.

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It is also known for relaxing ayurvedic spas and ayurveda treatments which makes you feel ecstatic, natural aromatic food spices and marvelous dance forms like Kathakali and MohiniAttam. There are three airports in Kerala-Kochi (Cochin), Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum). These airports have both domestic and international flights operating from Kerala.

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For Budget Travelers you can opt for Train and make reservations using your smartphones by logging on to the Indian Railways website or directly going to the railway station. Train reservations do not confirm instantaneously so it’s advisable to plan and book your tickets. Else if you are fond of Road Trip then you might want to backpack and hit the road along with your GPS App and follow the Golden Quadrilateral.

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Kerala offers wide range of hotels from budget to luxurious so you can pick and choose as per your pocket. Keralites speak Malayalam and urban dwelling population can communicate in English or broken Hindi. Bus Conductors and Ticket Checkers do know English so incase of