There are times when our body and mind relish their need for rejuvenation because in this world of recurring wants and unlimited desires a human is entrapped in the vicious circle having no time to even breathe in a proper manner. According to a research conducted, it was noticed that the majority of human population does shallow breathing which gives rise to anxiety and other health problems. Now to overcome these health issues and to relieve the nervous system by nourishing the body one can rely upon Shirodhara and Abhayangam ayurvedic treatments.


Talking initially of Shirodhara, which as the name suggests accentuates the need for a calm and stabilized mind and body by continuously pouring the stream of warm and herbs infused oil over the forehead, this oil is even rubbed on the scalp so that it penetrates deep within and relieves the person from any stress, anxiety or nervous pressure. This treatment is said to focus upon our invisible but virtually present third eye also referred to as the Ajna Chakra. This in turn transports the respective person to a state of deep relaxation and he achieves clarity of thoughts. The Shirodhara treatment was also featured in movies such as “Tere Naam” where we saw Salman Khan being cured for a mental ailment using the same ayurvedic technique. Shirodhara is also a great cure to problems such as insomnia, memory loss, neurological disorders, graying of hair, depression, migraines and hearing impairments. Skin problems such as psoriasis can also be cured by the same.


Similarly, Abhayangam ayurvedic massage based on the principles of self healing, heals the body by detoxifying the body tissues through infusion of warm herbal and organic oils as after this massage the body itself releases some hormones favorable for soothing the body and mind. This is a great remedy for aging. Abhayangam also inculcates deep scalp massage which relieves the stress level and also accelerates blood circulation. Moreover, a prominent fact should be known in regard of Abhayangam is that in this ayurvedic treatment significant force is applied which leads to consequences such as enhancement of immune system, increase in stamina of the body, skin hydrating, improvement in mental state and lubrication of joints.

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Shirodhara and Abhayangam herbal treatments invigorate and vitalize the entire human body and relax the tissues. These treatments inculcates in true sense the Indian heritage and provides ample benefits, even if we ignore the medical benefits derived by the practice of these treatments, the inevitable pleasure thus attained due to the same is heavenly and transports the soul to a very peaceful abode. Not only in India but all over the world these ayurvedic treatments are performed and are also widely accepted and thoroughly appreciated, because the social animal human being too desires an escape from the stress and burden of this irksome world. Everyone should get an experience of these amazingly wonderful sessions of Shirodhara and Abhayangam ayurvedic treatments to be relieved from worldly problems and in order to lead a happy, content and blissful life.