Kerala, a state in India, sharing the Arabian shoreline is known for its network of canals (popular for cruises); the BACKWATERS. Along with palm lined beaches, it’s famed for the numerous seaside resorts including specialists in Ayurvedic treatments. When you go around exploring the state, you get acquainted with the mountain ranges whose slopes support tea, coffee and spices’ plantation; you also experience an abundance of native wildlife.

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Kerala is visited by a variety of tourists every year; an all-season tourist spot. A 7-8 day Kerala tour could help you explore the heart of the state; cover both its backwaters and wildlife.

If you’re planning to take a trip to Kerala, you could choose from some of the Kerala tour packages available, which generally include accommodation, airport transfers, sight-seeing and meals. Most of the Kerala tours start either from Kochi or from Thiruvananthapuram, popularly known as Trivandrum.

Starting from day one when you land in Kochi, you could check-in in your respective hotel and after having rested for a while go around the city.

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Ayurvedic tourism has become very popular in Kerala, since the 1990s. Apart from revenue the industry provides employment opportunities to around a million people. Considering the apt environment of Kerala for Ayurvedic therapies, you could take an Ayurvedic break in Trivandrum followed by Travancore and back; hence finishing the circle. Travancore overlooks one of the best and widest beach strips in India. Travancore’s Ayurvedic  centres known for its wellness treatments and therapies. Natural abundance of forests and the cool monsoon season are best suited for Ayurveda’s curative and restorative packages in Kerala. This makes Kerala the only state that practices medicine with absolute dedication. Though you may find many Ayurveda resorts/centres offering Ayurveda, it is generally difficult for a person to decide where to go. To find the best suited Ayurveda place for you, you can either explore individual websites of each of the centres offering Ayurveda treatment, which is a tedious job as you would still not be sure about the quality of services offered. The best option would be to contact the operators who are specialized in Ayurveda packages. These specialists put in enough time and research to find the best options for you.

Kerala has something to offer to everyone, be it wildlife, Ayurveda, natural beauty, beaches, flora & fauna, mouth-watering cuisine, history, culture and much more. Then you also find numerous medicinal herbs like Turmeric, Cinnamon, Keezharnelli , Kilukillapa, Koduveli , etc. in Kerala.

Kerala’s culture, traditions and demographics have made it one of the most favorite tourist destinations in India. That is the reason, millions of tourist from within India and different parts of the world visit Kerala every year. Monsoon is considered the best season for Ayurveda, so if you are considering visiting only for Ayurveda, then June to August is the best time. From tourism point of view, though Kerala is visited by people throughout the year, Winter is considered to be the best time for Kerala, hence October to February is the peak tourist season for Kerala.

Find your own reason to visit Kerala or just visit for no reason…just to be in God’s own country!